Concept Nest is a Website which aims to share important ideas that arise in philosophy, ethics, rational choice theory, and economics.

These fields often use technical concepts that can be forbidding to learn and master. This website collects simple illustrations and introductory videos, to make these important topics more widely understood.

The author is Toby Handfield, an academic at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Killing versus letting die

Killing someone is worse than letting someone die, right? And in general, harming someone is worse than letting someone be harmed.

This idea is controversial. Consequentialist moral philosophers tend to think that it is either false, or at best a somewhat misleading idea. Moral philosophers who believe in rights tend to be more sympathetic, but it is not easy to explain why it is true. The video introduces some of the important arguments, and suggests how to avoid getting bogged down in tedious semantic disputes.

Utilitarianism and the value of human lives

The Difference Principle